Artisanal Production______

The main aim of Quesería Artesanal Hnos. Paramio is to make a consistent product under the very best hygiene and sanitary conditions, producing our cheese with raw sheep’s milk and maintaining the characteristic flavour and aromas. This can only be achieved by using raw materials from our very own farm, ensuring no additives, colourings, flavourings or preservatives are used in the process.

Campos Góticos cheese is made from Raw Sheep’s Milk, using rennet from lambs and preserving all the essential aromas and flavours.

 It’s crucial to monitor the pH during the different stages of production.

At Quesería Artesanal Hermanos Paramio we keep tradition and craftsmanship alive in the production of our cheese: filling the moulds by hand and using cloth, as in former times.

The cheeses are pressed to give them their shape and help drain off the whey.