Los Campos Góticos______

Tierra de Campos is a rural county in the region of Castilla y León that extends through the provinces of Zamora, Valladolid, Palencia and León.

 Tierra de Campos is largely made up of a plain, at times interrupted by low hills, many of which are topped with castles. It’s crossed by small rivers such as the Cea, Valderaduey and Sequillo, as well as larger rivers such as the Carrión. Its climate is typically continental, with extremes of temperature and low rainfall.

 Considered to be the quintessential landscape of Castilla y León, with its large expanses of golden plains, Tierra de Campos has been one of Spain’s major cereal producers since Roman times.

 Over the centuries, the geography of Tierra de Campos has also shaped its inhabitants. The area’s current population stems from the Catholic Reconquest. This, combined with its harsh climate, poor soil and vast, solemn landscape has tended to make the people of Tierra de Campos taciturn, serious and prudent.

 The area’s traditional architecture and crafts are based on adobe, the clay bricks and tiles that are baked in the sun. Tierra de Campos is also famous for its ever-present dovecotes, as well as its many castles.