Brining and Drying ______

The cheese is immersed in brine for the necessary amount of time, which depends on its size. Campos Góticos cheeses mature or “ripen” naturally in a drying room and the mould is brushed when they are ready to be labelled for sale, using no plastic-based paints on the outside.

 Analytical data

Dry Extract     Fat/Dry Extract                       pH                   Salt

64.77%            54%                                         5                      3.2%


Typical cylindrical cheese with a band around it and the herringbone markings on the top and bottom.

The dark beige rind is well-defined. The inside of the cheese is compact with small, irregular “eyes” of mechanical origin. Straw-coloured paste with a rice-grain texture but not crumbly. A full, persistent flavour, buttery to oily with just the right amount of salt and the typical aromas of cured sheep’s cheese.